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The importance of a trusted relationship with the Maasai Women

March 25, 2019


We try to connect strongly to the Maasai Women and build a lifelong trusted relationship with them. This is our only way to safe babies like this one from getting circumcision at a very young age and help the women to learn more about how important health and safe childbirth is in their life to increase the surviving women and babies at delivery. Lately we have experienced a story that we hope is opening the eyes of those Maasai´s that were involved.


There was a family and one woman was pregnant. they keep pregnant women away from food, because they believe that this is how the baby will not get too big and the women can deliver easily. They don't see the danger in this behavior, and suddenly the pregnant woman was getting very big pain in her belly. We organized a car and a driver that could bring her to the hospital and she had to stay there for 4 weeks until she delivered the baby safely in the hospital. But the doctor was very clear and said, if she didn't come to the hospital she would not be alive right now. The reason why she couldn't go to the village again after she felt pain in her tummy, was because the doctor knew about how they keep pregnant women away from food. So for her own good, he was keeping her there to make sure she would get enough food.


This was bringing many questions about pregnancy and birth to us, so we arranged an interview with a midwife student that is going soon to work in Tanzania.


We depend on everyone that can donate time to go there and teach those women about the danger of some of their traditions and beliefs, so we can all safe as much lifes as possible!


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