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A miracle happened!

March 8, 2019

Due to our last blog post (No Ladycups for Maasai Women) we decided to go with reusable menstrual pads, but the struggle was the price. 10$ is actually cheap for all that it is included in one kit.
So two weeks ago we got a message from a women from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. They have a program called Days for Girls. Days for girls is a non-denominational NGO with Teams around the world. Women of the church would come together often and sew those Kits and give it away to countries and people that are in need to use them. And this for free! When I held the first kit in my hands the first thing I felt was love. Those kits spread so much joy and you can tell from holding them in your hands that they are made with so much love and care.
I joined the Team Bonstetten for one day and I was impressed! I took home 28 Kits and they still had more, but they just didn´t fit in my bags anymore. They told me to come and get anytime more if I needed.
We feel so blessed to have this opportunity to get free Kits for the Women in the Maasai land.


Now we are working to send them to Tanzania, that we can bring them to the women and luckily there is a woman going to teach about how to use and clean them, so Maasai Women can finally start to use  them and get one step closer to a comfortable life!




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