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Ladycups are not for Maasai Women

February 17, 2019

When three of my friends came to volunteer for the first time in Maasai Women Relief, I asked them to bring Ladycups. They brought about 60 Cups, but because we didn't have a certificate we couldn't give them to the women. After we had some lessons with the women, there were some question about cleaning them. That's where we started to think about other options and  I think the best way to explain why is to show you those pictures we took in the villages:

Would you clean your cup in this water and reuse it again? And this is the only water they have and use. For washing clothes, for drinking/cooking and for bathing.  The risk to get an infection is too high and we want to help them and not give them more problems. So this made us think again about other options and we got an idea what they could use for their menstruation. There are sanitary pads that are made of cotton material. In one kit there are 8 re-usable sanitary Pads, two insert holders, one handkerchief with a piece of soap and two pants. Because they don’t wear any underwear, we provide them in a package, too. This is how one package looks like:

Because one package requires a lot of work and material, they are not that cheap. Every package costs 10$. So our next step will be to  bring packages to those women who are already educated as we promised them. And here we need your help.


Please help with your donation today to provide packages to the women!


We - and mainly the Maasai Women - are truly grateful for your help!



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